Each Trauma We Experience Feels Like a Tsunami of the Soul

The Refuge 18-2 is a small Christian counseling center that provides a safe refuge for those who have been devastated by one or more of life’s tragic moments. Life is hard. Many people carry around secrets from their childhood that create so much shame and pain. At any moment, we can experience a crisis when the unexpected happens. Our home is destroyed by a natural disaster; our child dies from a tragic accident; our spouse asks for a divorce; our doctor says that we have cancer; our life continues to be haunted by childhood sexual abuse. We all suffer. The hardest part of suffering is going through it alone. Healing from trauma is possible, but it takes time. You need someone walking with you who knows how to heal such intense pain.


Healing From Life’s Greatest Trauma Requires a Person to Have Great Courage and a Highly Skilled Trauma Counselor

The Refuge 18-2 counselors run towards suffering when many others run away. We are skilled in helping heal life’s worst traumatic memories and incidents. We have been extensively trained to work with adults who are suffering from post-traumatic stress and post-traumatic stress disorder. We care about your pain. We will help you not only heal, but also grow stronger from the sufferings you have experienced. We believe that God loves to heal and redeem the most broken of lives like bringing “beauty from ashes.”